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Pet Photography

Pet Photography

As a dog trainer, pet sitter and photographer with a passion for animals, I love photographing your four-legged family members and capturing their own unique personalities.

Dog Training

Dog Training

We are very passionate about offering only Positive Reinforcement Training Techniques to ensure training is fun and rewarding for both dog and owner.

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

We are very passionate about spending quality time with your pets while you are away and offering them the best care possible.

Question & Answer

How does Online Dog Training work?

It works on the same basis as Private at Home Dog Training, the only difference is we do not come to your home, but instead do the training online via Zoom.

At what age can I start training my puppy?

From the age of 10 weeks.

Do you offer socialization for adult dogs?

As the crucial socialization period for puppies ends at around 16 weeks of age, it is very difficult socializing an older dog that has not been socialized before. We thus do not offer socialization for adult dogs as we cannot guarantee any success.

What will I need for training?

Training Treats (Soft, pea-sized treats); Harness (Preferred) OR Buckle collar; Leash; Treat Bag or something similar to keep treats in (Recommended).

How long is a pet sitting visit?

30 minutes per visit.

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Heinrich Janse van Vuuren

Dog Trainer, Pet Sitter

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